Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt

funktel DSS – System functions

  • Operation as an independent system or as part of a hazard management system in connection with other in-house alarm systems
  • Operator console with several webnet-gms® client workstations is possible
  • Processing of alarms at the operator console with display of site plan and control of telephony and messaging functions as well as contact triggering
  • Permanently updated alarm display on the site plans with room or area accuracy
  • Change from site plan display to video images from monitoring cameras (option) by the push of a button
  • Remote-controlled addressing and monitoring function (without intervention of the person triggering the alarm) for evaluation of the situation with minimum delay
  • Automatic alarm transfer to other mobile units
  • Automatic triggering of contacts, sending of E-mails or alarm transfer in case the hazardous situation escalates
  • Manual triggering of contacts for controlling external messaging devices (sirens, rotating lights, door closing mechanisms etc.)
  • Monitoring of rescue operations
  • Self-monitoring of system functions
  • Automatic login and logout procedure of funktel FC4 S handsets into/from the security cycle including safety check of alarm sensors
  • Voice communication of mobile units among each other and with private branch exchange units as well as with the public telephone network with all ISDN features
  • High user capacity and expansion levels with handover all over the network