Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt

funktel DSS - Security. Everywhere.

Alarm identification and signalling, transfer and help

The funktel DSS system offers optimum safeguarding by means of environment- and situation-specific components and sensors for manual and automatic alarm triggering, depending on the configuration and the application scenario.

Listening-in or voice connections with the employees concerned by the alarm can be set up and remote controlled from the operator console. Moreover, the push-button set allows setting up a voice connection with other Secury and telephone users at any time.

DECT™ base stations ensure optimum radio coverage by guaranteeing mobile voice and message communication between the operator console staff, the rescue team and the person needing help at any time. The base stations also enable localisation of the person needing help with area accuracy. Additional inductive beacon transmitters can be used for achieving positioning with room or floor accuracy.

The scope of functions of the funktel FC4 series handsets meets every emergency situation:

  • Will-dependent alarms by pushing the emergency button
  • Will-independent alarms such as tilt, no-motion and time alarms
  • Attack signalling if handset is stolen by means of loss alarm
  • Localisation of alarm messages with area or room accuracy
  • Immediate alarm transmission to the operator console
  • Transfer of alarm to other mobile units (employees nearby)
  • Immediate help and help monitoring

Each alarm message is transmitted to the central server and/or the operator console along with the positioning information and can also be shown on a realistic building plan, depending on the software configuration. This positioning information results from the installed DECT™ base stations and can be supplemented and improved by inductive beacon transmitters enabling precise localisation. This allows a rescue team to be directed to the right place without delay.

The operator console workstation with webnet-gms® client software

The webnet-gms® client is required for displaying the operational procedures of a DECT™ Secury system on a screen and controlling them in a comfortable manner. This soft ware can be installed on a system-compatible PC connected via a network.

The webnet-gms® client provides

  • Precise representation of the alarm situation
  • Display of the alarm course on site plans with a positioning history
  • Processing of alarm message incl. logging
  • Control and coordination of rescue operations
  • Remote control of Secury handsets giving the alarm for setting up a voice communication
  • Muting/loudspeaker mode of emergency call units for unnoticed monitoring of situation when hostages are taken
  • Video image of alarm situation*

*) Optional system extension

DECT Secury Server

The system core, i.e. the Secury server, is closely interleaved with the LAN-based multiuser-compatible webnet-gms® operator console system and can be optimized for any specific application by means of a software adaptation. This enables displaying even complex alarm situations in large systems very clearly. To achieve safe alarm processing, the operator at the operator console is guided step-by-step by the system. As an option, video systems and a special warden round control system soft ware package can be integrated.

The DECT™ Secury server is a PC server designed for continuous operation and equipped with the Secury application software. Here all alarms are evaluated and transmitted to the webnet-gms® client.

At the same time, automatic transfer of complete emergency signal messages to Secury handsets, to pagers, as an E-mail, as SMS or as a contact triggering is provided for controlling external alarm message devices.

The DECT™ Secury server also serves for

  • Automatic function check of all handsets logged in
  • Monitoring of emergency call processing
  • Execution of webnet-gms® messaging, contact message and relay control.