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Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt

Communication - Overview

Communications is the lifeblood of industrial and business activities. The best information is worthless if it is not properly received, processed and forwarded – ideally without delay and whatever the location.

Industrial radio systems and private networks have been vital components for industrial companies, authorities and organisations with security responsibilities for decades, not to mention the care and medical sectors.

funktel GmbH has been developing and marketing radiotelephone and integrated communications systems for industry, security agencies and care facilities for over 40 years.

The continuous development of modern radio technologies enables funktel to supply integrated speech, communications and data services with handy, light and easy-to-operate mobile equipment – with full integration of comfort telephony aspects and sophisticated locating functions.

We supply a whole range of systems tailored to each application and all specifications:

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  • for applications in industry, and the care and service sectors, we deliver funktel DSS, an individually customisable DECT solution with precise locating in buildings and industrial premises.
  • for reliable and inexpensive communications solutions for industry and carers, we also supply an analogue radio security system.

Call us to discuss your needs: with our support, you are sure to find a reliable and secure solution.

Our high quality is demonstrated by our product standards and our quality management certfications.