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funktel TSS: The future of professional mobile communication.

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The TETRA Secury system funktel TSS is a modern communications platform with integrated and situation-orientated security systems – conforming to standards, certified and highly modular.

The flexibility of the system allows it to be adapted to suit the demands of the real world and it can grow as you require. It can easily be integrated with existing communications, security and IT infrastructure – including, of course, the DECT Secury system funktel DSS.

The TETRA Secury System funktel TSS offers an optimised system consisting of a control centre and mobile Personal Emergency Signal handsets that is suitable for use in various real-life situations. Professional radio communication with a high standard of security is combined with standard telephony functions in a single system. Typical applications include:

  • Extensive industrial and logistics facilities and systems
  • Plant and property security
  • Energy supply companies
  • Water and sewage works
  • Authorities and organisations with a security function
  • Local authorities
  • Justice

With more than 40 years’ experience in the development of systems for inter-office private communication networks, funktel GmbH has a unique background in the optimal use of modern radio technologies.

System functions:

  • Operates as a stand-alone system or as part of a hazard management system
  • Linking with other existing alarm systems possible by means of standard interfaces
  • Alarm control point with one or more alarm workstations (webnet client)
  • Alarm management at the alarm control point with layout display and control of telephony and messaging functions
  • Constantly updated, room, area and floor-specific alarm indication on the layout displays
  • Video feed from CCTV available at the touch of a button
  • Remotely-controlled input and eavesdropping function for the fastest possible evaluation of a dangerous situation—without any input required from the person triggering the alarm
  • Automatic and immediate forwarding of an alarm to other handsets to enable rapid response and assistance
  • Automatic operation of relays and switching devices
  • E-mail and alarm forwarding in the event of the escalation of a dangerous situation
  • Manual switching for the control of external devices (such as sirens, floodlights, door locks, etc) by the control point
  • Monitoring of assistance, logging and documentation
  • Self-monitoring of system functions
  • Automatic log-on and log-off of funktel FT4 S handsets in the personal security system, including functionality testing of the alarm sensors in the handset
  • Direct and group communication of the radios with each other, communication with sub-stations and with the public telephone network
  • Freely programmable authorisation levels for communication and operation of the funktel FT4 S
  • High user capacity and expansion capabilities with network-wide handover
  • Certified in accordance with the BGR139 regulations of the German employers’ liability insurance association and DIN V VDE 0825-1

Localisation and alarm triggering

The funktel TSS enables a person in distress to be precisely localised by means of inductive location beacons (ILBs). The exact locality of the alarm can thus be indicated to the client workstations on the network by means of a layout display.

  • Precise localisation of the person in distress
  • Area and floor-specific indication of the locality by means of layout displays and floor plans
  • Networked client workstations
  • Automatic alarm forwarding to other mobile sets
  • Silent alarm and hostage function
  • Tracking of alarm locality, eavesdropping and shutdown function
  • Support of all TETRA performance features for efficient individual and group communication
  • External supplementary alarms, switchable by means of floating contacts or programmable interfaces
  • Switching of fire alarm, process control and video systems