Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt

f.airnet DECT over IP System

f.airnet DECT over IP System: the new benchmark for IP-based communication and information

The IP-based f.airnet DECT over IP system of funktel is the ideal platform for the implementation of a reliable, professional communication infrastructure, which can also be integrated with existing systems.

  • IP telephone exchanges
  • Cordless DECT mobility
  • Corded IP telephony
  • Messaging functionality
  • Personal Emergency Signal functionality

f.airnet DECT over IP is efficient:

The systems offers high quality transmission of speech and data on an IP network Existing IP infrastructures can be used for implementation and enhancement.

f.airnet DECT over IP is flexible:

As and when required, the system can be expanded to 500 DECT base stations with up to 1,000 handsets with minimal outlay. Larger networks can be created by means of clustering. If requited, the entire office or organisational premises can be covered via the DECT wireless network—even outlying sites can be included in the infrastructure.

f.airnet DECT over IP is modular:

The system can be enhanced at any time, as required, in order to add messaging, security or localisation solutions. A proven system with control points and mobile personal emergency signal devices thus become available for the greatest variety of application fields. Professional mobile communication, personal security and telephony are combined in a single system—standards-compliant and certified.

Greatest flexibility for optimum communication

A state-of-the-art multicellular DECT radio network serves as the foundation of the system, which flexibly combines speech and data communication (messaging, localisation, etc.). In addition to DECT wireless connectivity, the components communicate via standard IP links in a LAN—thus allowing the system to be integrated in existing infrastructures or to be expanded flexibly and cost-effectively using off-the-shelf components.

This optimal scalability allows radio coverage to be adapted to the broadest possible range of situations, by using an extensive variety of system components and antennas. Thus, reliable wireless coverage is made available in difficult-to-reach locations, such as:

  • internal areas in buildings
  • inside complex industrial plants
  • in halls and tunnels
  • in basements and engine rooms
  • in areas with a risk of explosion
  • and even in extensive outdoor locations

High End: the messaging functions

  • Integrated messaging functionality with 200 alphanumeric characters per message
  • Delay-free transmission within the DECT network
  • Priority can be set in 10 stages
  • Individual settings for each priority level
  • User-set handset display background colour and flashing function
  • Vibration function for messages
  • Various tones and sound volumes
  • “Muting over-ride” function
  • “Cancel emergency call” feature can be set for each priority level
  • Ring duration can be set individually (1?...?240 seconds or until cancelled manually)
  • Additional dynamic broadcast messaging with individual text messages to cordless subscribers as well as groups
  • Complies completely with BGR (DIN V VDE 0825-1)